How to play the Cleopatra Video Slot Machine.


Cleopatra Video is a popular slot machine that many people love to play because of its huge potential to win huge amounts of cash. The slot machine has five reels and twenty winning paylines. You can win up to ten million coins. Players will love the multiplier spins triggered by the Sphinx symbols and the Cleopatra symbols. These symbols can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, except the Sphinx, which is the scatter symbol.

IGT produces this game. It has a lot of bonus features that can increase your winnings. These include spins that you make, and combinations you get using the Cleopatra or Sphinx symbols. The Cleopatra Video Slot machine has a number of popular features. These include the scatter multiplier and free spins features. They also increase your chances of getting more credits. This feature has the advantage of increasing the number free spins even while your free spins are still running. You can do this by completing the three to five Sphinx symbols that appear on your screen during your free spins. slot online

You can place a maximum of $100 per spin and a $5 bet on each payline. This strategy is used by people who want to increase their chances to win large amounts of money and get the best chance of winning a payline. You have more chances to increase your winnings the more you play the game. The Sphinx appearing in threes is a great way to increase the potential amount you win. You can bet one to five credits on each payline when you play this game. Because there are 20 paylines, the maximum you can wager on each spin is $100. If you multiply each payline with 5, you can place a maximum bet of $100.

Cleopatra Video Slot Machine players often invest a lot of money at the beginning in hopes of making it big with the many spins they make. You can even turn on the auto play feature to allow the game to continue spinning one bet after the other in a fast mode. Completing icons such as the scarab and the gold pendant will result in corresponding wins multiplied according to the amount of credits bet on the winning payline. If you wager 5 credits on a winning line that contains 4 scarab symbols, you will get 100 credits multiplied with 5.

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